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Oxenford Honey is a small family owned business that has approximately 40 bee hives. 

The company was first started when Mike decided to get himself a new hobby and decided bee keeping would be an interesting and fun hobby.  After joining the local bee keeping club to gain information and knowledge on the art of beekeeping we were away.  Sue suggested that a maximum of 3 hives in the back garden would be plently; however before long we had ten hives, then 15 etc.  Living on acreage proved to be a bonus as we had plenty of room for our new pets.

After our first extraction of 15kg we had to decide what to do with our lovely honey.  So off to the local market Sue went where to our amazement we sold out a few hours later.  We now attend approximately 5 markets a month (please check information under sales for dates) where Sue or Brian can be found offering tastings of our products.  Weather permitting we try and bring a frame of our bees along too so you can see the bees at work on a frame of honey!

Our aim is not only to treat you to our lovely honey but teach you or your children about how a hive works and the part bees play in our environment.

Adam is not left out as he is our web designer, facebook coordinatior and chief honey extractor.

Hope you enjoy the site!

The Rose Family